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Why Panama?

Hosting your website in Panama

Why hosting your websites and servers in Panama?

Main Advantages

Telecommunication infrastructure

Panama has the best access to multiple high-bandwidth continental fiber optic networks in telecommunications infrastructure. The extremely low risk of natural disasters (hurricanes etc.), gives the Panama telecom sector security and reliability of service as well as a competitive advantage over other offshore jurisdictions.

Accessibility for installation and maintenance

Panama is extremely easy to access from almost anywhere, due to its central location in the middle of the Americas. Its proximity to large cities in the US and Europe makes it relatively cost effective to bring in specialist know how for installation and maintenance.

Relevant technical know how and human resources

Panama's long history as a international banking and services jurisdiction, has resulted in the availability of technical know how in internet technology and information technology as well as sufficient human resources to install and maintain e­commerce operations.


Accessing Panama is easy from anywhere in the world. Living conditions are very similar to the US, but the cost of living is one-half.

Favourable tax regime

Panama is a low tax jurisdiction. There are no double tax treaties that can be used for commercial activities. No VAT is payable on good or services exported from Panama.

Hub for Technology Startups

All the preceding advantages, incentives and infrastructure place Panama as an ideal location for:

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